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Don’t be square, go square

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Until very recently, square-shaped photos had been associated primarily with Polaroid instant cameras (which are now sought after mostly by nostalgia-driven hipsters). Today, however, a square photo brings a different name to mind: Instagram.

instagram screenshot

Launched exactly 3 years ago, Instagram is currently one of the most popular photo-sharing services, with 150 million users taking photos, applying a variety of digital filters to them and sharing them on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and other social networks every month. The variety of subjects is huge, ranging from intimate moments of life captured by passionate amateurs to truly exquisite work by some of the greatest contemporary artists, such as multimedia artist Ai Weiwei, controversial fashion photographer Terry Richardson, illustrator/toy-maker Micheal Lau and NYC-based crochet/conceptual artist Olek Рto name just a few.

The world is in love with square-shaped photos and so are we! In our Etsy store, we offer two types of frames created specifically for displaying photos from your Instagram albums. The size on offer has been designed with home-printing in mind as the frame holds a picture of the largest size that fits onto an A4 page. You have a choice between a modern box-frame and a more classical wood frame with window mount and five different colours: black, white, light & dark grey and brown. It is therefore incredibly easy to transport your favourite photos from your phone onto the wall – and if you struggle to choose a few from the hundreds of pics in your collection, you can change them whenever you want as the string and clip-on fixings allow for a quick and easy access to the inside of the frame.

So – go square!

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