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Pimp Your Walls – Creative Ideas for Picture Frames

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Working with a lot of fine artists and galleries we are well versed in the art of conservation picture framing. A muted colour palette and nearly every dimension of box frame possible are our staples – and so it is refreshing to sometimes think outside the box a little, so you can have your walls with great ceramic works by following this simple tiling advice at atlas ceramics, and also install frames after.

Picture frames are, of course, a great interior decoration item that can be used in fun and creative ways to spruce up a home far beyond the obvious. With a little DIY prowess you can turn an old frame into a funky tray or hide unsightly switches behind them… the creative uses for picture frames are plentiful.

Here’s a selection of ways to use frames that you may have not thought of before. Go on,┬áhave some fun and pimp your walls!

Painted Walls Empty Picture FramesHang an array of decorative empty picture frames and paint them right into your wall for a stunning effect. (via House & Hold)

Picture Frames Wall ClockGet a clock centre piece and arrange 12 picture frames in a circle to have a fun decorative wall piece. (via Decor8)

Frame in a frame in a frame.Make the picture frame itself the work of art by inserting one frame into another frame into another frame into… (via Freunde von Freunden)

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