The Oaksmith Studio Prize 2013

The 2013 installment of the Oaksmith Studio Prize was offered to a graduate student on the MA Printmaking course at Camberwell College of Arts. Focusing specifically on this long standing and reputable course allowed us to conduct a fairer and more in depth selection process. Helped in the judging by last year’s winner Victoria Arney, we chose Rita Matos as this year’s recipient of the Prize.

Rita’s initial submission along with her critical artist statement instantly piqued our interest. Viewing her work in person as part of the judging process, we were impressed by the detailed and intricate mark making and the multi-faceted approach the work encourages the viewer to take.

In Rita’s words: “By creating fragmented images or images that become fragmented and dealing with surface and form, but also materiality, I create images that can be read as a scenery, that modify and confront our visual perception. […] Most importantly, my work is very detailed oriented, it reads as an image from a distance and another up close […].”

Materiality was indeed one of the elements particularly intriguing to us. Working on metal plates, heavy weight paper as well as small scale thin papers that are joined to take on an almost fabric like quality, Rita’s work offers many points of interest whilst also offering consistency and continuity so that different pieces can be experienced as part of one body of work.

For her final degree show, Rita asked us to frame two large pieces that are connected by their similar mark making (delicate “stitch” like marks), yet represented two distinct approaches. The results were an unusually oblong frame to display a “string” of finely etched paper circles; and a traditional unglazed canvas tray frame used unorthodoxically to showcase a large piece made up of many small etchings on paper mounted on canvas.

Find out more about Rita’s work HERE.

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Pebble Piece

Absence, 2013 by Rita Matos
Etching on Paper

Tile Piece

Ansia, 2013 by Rita Matos
Etching on Paper Mounted on Canvas