Testimonials, Comments & Compliments

Dear Anna and Mauro, of course we are thrilled with the results and with the full service and efforts that you made! Even though I was there during the frame design appointment, the finished piece still exceeded my expectations. You have really made a beautiful and elegant finish and I feel it will set off and look beautiful in a room for years to come. It’s good that it does not stand out in an overpowering way but just shows off the embroidery and unusual dress design! […] Our heartfelt thanks.

Geeta La Roche


Just wanted to send out a huge thank you for the professional service, advice and care you provided for me and the framing of my first pieces in the UK. It was a very important initiation for me as it’s been years since my¬† heart painted. So yes, thank you for protecting and uplifting my work, I sincerely hope to see you sooner rather then later.

Pamela Anne Meyers, artist


Just wanted to say thank you for the frames…!
They are perfect and are exactly the look I wanted for my prints from the beginning.
I will happily recommend you to some of the second years who will be starting their finals next year.

Dan Poppy, BA Photography graduate, Roehampton University



I just wanted to say a huge thank you! You have done a beautiful job with this challenging piece and understood totally what I wanted to achieve with the artwork. Your work is of highest quality.

Mila Furstova, artist


Guys – those frames are beautiful. I can’t believe the difference they make. You are so ruddy talented xx

Hester Finch, artist